"There was no such thing as Palestinians...It was not as though there was a Palestinian People in Palestine considering itself as a Palestinian people, and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist."
-- Golda Meir, London Sunday Times, 15 June 1969.

That every Palestinian has a legitimate, individual right to return to his or her original home and to absolute restitution of his or her property.

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Prior to and immediately after the declaration of the State of Israel on 14 May 1948, a deliberate campaign was executed to drive Palestinians from their homes and land.

Israel has continued this campaign up to the present day through land confiscation, building on Palestinian land, denial of construction permits to Palestinians in order to prevent natural urban expansion of the Palestinian population, the demolition of homes of Palestinians who refuse to accept this discrimination, the canceling of Palestinian residency rights, the refusal to grant family reunification requests by Palestinians, and the barring of all Palestinian refugees from returning to their homes or property.

The rights of Palestinian victims to their land and property are inalienable individual human rights decreed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The right to restitution means the return of property to their rightful owners. The right to repatriation means the rights of Palestinians and their heirs to return to the very home (land or town or village) from which they were driven, and all associated rights. The right to reparation refers to all lost income suffered by Palestinians since 1948.

CPRR's role

The Council for Palestinian Restitution and Repatriation (CPRR) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization created to provide legal assistance to Palestinian refugees and their heirs and to educate the public about the legitimate rights of Palestinians.

CPRR is a registered organization with non-profit status. A $10 U.S. per person one-time registration fee is required; however the fee is waived for those Palestinians who are unable to pay. Donations other than the registration fee are tax-deductible. All donations go to an endowment fund to pursue the legal rights of Palestinians and for educational purposes. Upon completion of CPRRs mission, the fund will, in accordance with the law, be distributed to Palestinian charitable organizations.

CPRR's aim is to help restore the rights of the millions of Palestinian victims displaced or wronged in the process of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. The legal department of CPRR consists of an international network of lawyers, legal scholars and researchers under the direction of an advisory board of leading legal experts.

The legal department works to achieve for Palestinians their rights to repatriation and restitution for past and continuing deprivation of their right to their land, resources and property including the recovery of lost income attributable to displacement, expulsion or confiscation, and all associated rights. CPRR will also conduct intensive information campaigns to raise awareness of the ongoing injustice perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

In the face of escalating efforts to deny and abrogate the legitimate rights of Palestinians to restitution and repatriation, CPRR's initial drive is a call for membership and support. CPRR calls on all Palestinians and their friends, wherever they reside and whatever their background or political leanings, to join us or allied organizations in our joint efforts to secure the legitimate rights of all Palestinians and their heirs to restitution and repatriation.

Our boards of advisors

* Member of CPRR's Board of Directors

In order to show Palestinian unity and determination on the issue of their legitimate rights to repatriation and restitution, the final advisory boards will include representation from all Palestinian social, political and religious backgrounds, including refugees from the camps. Global support will be reflected through representation from the international community.

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