"We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves."
-- Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat, the mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983.

That every Palestinian has a legitimate, individual right to return to his or her original home and to absolute restitution of his or her property.

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CPRR's Right Of Return Activists' Discussion List

CPRR's Right Of Return Activists' Discussion Listis a place where CPRR activists can help CPRR achieve it mission to secure the inalienable human rights of Palestinians and their heirs to return to their original homes and to restitution of all their property.

The List is a forum for grassroots Right of Return campaign activists and organizers who are members of CPRR or staff of affiliated organizations. To join/donate to CPRR, you may do so at Organizations can affiliate for free.

How to subscribe, unsubscribe, and contact the list owner

To subscribe to CPRR's Right Of Return Activists' Discussion List, please send a blank e-mail message to [email protected].

To unsubscribe, please send a blank e-mail message to [email protected].

List members may address any questions or concerns at anytime directly to [email protected] .


  1. To be pro-active in extending CPRR's Right of Return campaign by offering a forum for:

    1. exchanging information with other activists concerning Palestinian refugees and their rights of return and restitution

    2. discussing and sharing campaign strategies with other CPRR activists

    3. coordinating Internet and general networking and action on the Right Of Return

    4. developing proposals and resources to further develop CPRR's website and other publications, particularly the activists' resource section of the website at

  2. To act as a volunteer pool for CPRR

  3. To recruit new members to CPRR and to the List.


  1. Valued posts. Postings for the purpose of building on ongoing discussions or for generating discussions related to actions and expansion of the right of return campaign are especially valued. Forwarded e-mails relevant to the right of return campaign and Palestinian refugee rights are welcome, as are personal essays/articles. Please reference all postings to their original author(s).

  2. Freedom of speech. Messages posted on the List are not moderated nor censored (see guideline #6 for exceptions). However, all exchanges must remain cordial.

  3. Message subjects. List members should indicate the subject of each message clearly in the subject box of the e-mail, and modify this heading accordingly/begin a new thread if their reply to a post is focused on a different subject.

  4. Posts to subsets of the group. Posts that deal with subjects of interest to a specific person or group of persons, and which are generally not meant to be read by or be of benefit to the rest of the group, are best exchanged privately. This includes jokes and silly postings, as well as any message intended for an identifiable subset of the List.

  5. Copying messages to other lists and individuals. Cross-posting of messages -- including other individuals or lists on e-mails intended for the List as well as vice versa -- is prohibited. No message or email exchange on the List can be posted or forwarded elsewhere, publicly or privately, without its author's permission. Similarly, no external private exchange can be posted in full, quoted, or referenced on the list unless with the permission of all the parties involved.

  6. Violations of these guidelines. Members who violate guidelines will, in the first instance, be given a private warning. Members who persistently violate guidelines will have their postings moderated temporarily. Frequent or serious guideline violations will lead to dismissal from the List.

CPRR looks forward to your participation.

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